A Premier Hybrid Nursery

Double Doodle is a premier hybrid nursery where our carefully chosen F1 F1B Aussie Doodles give birth to some of the most amazing family pets you could ever adopt.

We start by selecting our foundation dogs upon which our entire lineage is based. Every dog in our household receives the highest quality vet care and are kept up-to-date on their vaccinations and their preventative care medications. They are all genetically tested through Canine Health Check and found to be clear of disease. Our foundation dogs were chosen based on physical characteristics as well as temperament.

Meet the Pack

Thistle is an F1B Aussiedoodle dame who is exceptionally easy to groom. She is the product of an F1 Aussiedoodle Dame back crossed with an AKC Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She weighs in at 35 pounds and is what I would describe as a small-medium. She has a unique tri-color fading coat that is almost effortless in its ease of care.

Bramble our resident stud dog is a beautiful example of of an F1B Aussiedoodle. His Dame as an F1 Aussiedoodle who was back-crossed to an AKC Standard Poodle Sire. The result is a true medium sized male showing a red and white bi-color curly coat with handsome brown eyes and nose.

Primrose is an F1 Aussiedoodle Dame who has a lovely, long, fluffy Blue Merle coat and marbled blue and brown eyes. She is the stunning result of a match between an AKC Australian Shepherd Dame and an AKC Standard Poodle Sire. At 38 pounds she is athletic and robust. She is the kind of dog who turns heads everywhere she goes.

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Puppies Now Available

We are proud to be members of the Good Dog Breeding Organization.
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Picking Your Pup

When evaluating our puppies we tend to look for four key traits.

I like to see a pup who is curious and friendly, who will approach me while I’m seated and not cower or hide.

A smart pup is eager to please and quickly learns repeated commands. Consistency is key on the parents’ part but I like a pup who wants to let me turn learning into a game.

All puppies tug and play with their litter-mates, biting ears and tails is completely normal, but overly aggressive behavior is not to be tolerated, and our foundation dogs were determined to be docile among their litters.

This encompasses all that the dog is. It’s his X-factor, his goofiness, his snuggly-ness and pick-me-pick-me-ness. I saw it in each dog I selected to be a part of my family and you will know it when you see it too.


We have two ways to adopt: in-person pick up or ground delivery. Each pup goes home with the following documentation: a comfort basket, ACHC registration, and information on AKC Canine Partners Enrollment, a pedigree from both parents, health certificate from our local, valued vet, shot/vaccine records, a copy of our puppy sales contract, including our first right-of-return, and pet insurance information.

Other Resources

We also join the community in sponsoring responsibility, we donate both time as volunteers and funds to our local non-profit pet service groups. These amazing groups offer low/no-cost spay/neuter programs, foster care between homes, emergency grooming, and food for feral animals.

We proudly partner with the following groups:

Red Rover is a charity that uses innovative solutions to help rescue animals from natural disaster areas, abusive situations and other crises.

Their Red Rover Responders program shelters and cares for animals who have been displaced by events such as natural disasters, criminal seizures and hoarding cases. They also have a RedRover Relief program which provides financial help and resources for pets when their owners have fallen on hard economic times.

The Pet Fund is a national organization founded in 2003 which provides financial assistance to pet owners when they cannot afford needed veterinary care for their companions.

Grey Muzzle is a charity that assists in providing resources and homes for at-risk senior dogs. This organization believes “no dog should die alone and afraid” and their work encompasses many aspects of caring for and nurturing older dogs. Grey Muzzle helps fund rescue organizations, non-profits and shelters in support of their mission.

Finally, we want to encourage you to join our family and use us as a go-to spot to answer questions and help with any problems that may pop up during the entire life of your pet.

Thank you!